conocracy now you know who 'they' are

Penetrating the 'conocracy'

conocracy [kon-ä-kra-see] = A system of laws, regulations and/or rules such that their effect is to benefit a few at the expense of many.
Alternative: Libocracy

A conocracy is entrenched, insulated and legitimized via the legal system and/or a complex bureaucracy and is therefore not generally perceived to be a conspiracy. In a conspiracy, laws and regulations are broken or ignored; In a conocracy, laws and regulations are created. The term is usually applied to governmental entities, governmental policies or powerful corporations.

The National Deficit/Debt
Fractional Reserve Banking (video)
• The Federal Reserve
Fiat Monetary Policy
Keynesian Economic Practices
• Two Party Political System (United States)
• Nepotism

How to fight conocracy
(1) Read, know and follow the U.S. Constitution - America became the greatest, most prosperous nation in history through individualism, constitutionally-limited government (freedom), personal freedom (Liberty), low taxes, sound money, and a non-interventionist foreign policy. We must return to those timeless principles.
(2) Monetary System Reform - Stop the federal government from printing money out of thin air via the Federal Reserve and eliminate Fractional Reserve Banking (video). Getting back on the gold standard will halt the government's march toward socialism by ending it's ability to create unlimited money to finance an unlimited number of programs. These reforms will also put an end to the boom-bust business cycle, and the money of WE THE PEOPLE will steadily GAIN in value instead of constantly dropping in value through inflation.
(3) Balance the Budget (Amendment 28) - Government spending is out of control! We must balance the budget and stop throwing away 1/3 of our tax dollars on servicing the national debt. Once balanced, we can then discuss the nations spending priorities: infrastructure, healthcare, defense, etc.
(4) Tax Reform (Amendment 29) - You know how to spend your money far better than a government bureaucrat does. It's time put all those wasted government dollars back into the hands of 'We The People'.
(5) Campaign Contribution Reform (Amendment 30) - Special interest groups (lobbyists, PACs, large corporations) and rich individuals have undue financial influence over OUR representatives. This must change.

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